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mieux comprendre - être mieux compris dans un monde interdependant
better understanding in an inter-dependent world


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Natalie Lutz

Natalie Lutz is a trainer, facilitator and consultant in intercultural communications, leadership, expatriation, presentation skills and collaborative dialogues.

In today’s global economy, international companies are presented with the global-local challenge:

The challenge for our clients is how to standardize process and comply with local context while tapping into potential synergies generated by different perspectives.

Luna Conseils works with global companies to deal with these challenges by providing training, consulting and coaching that help individuals to communicate and understand each other better.

Natalie Lutz – Consultant, Trainer, Coach

M.A. Intercultural Communications

Natalie Lutz develops and delivers training programs and workshops on Intercultural Communication, Leadership, Teambuilding, Negotiating, Presentation Skills and Developing a Global Mindset. Natalie is bilingual, bicultural French-American, speaks Spanish has lived in the US, London, Mexico, and France and has travelled to over 25 countries.

Natalie has trained and coached CEO’s, COMEX teams and top executives in over 50 international companies. This has given her a great understanding of challenges and opportunities that international organizations face in a globalized economy.

After designing and delivering Business English training sessions for 12 years to French executives, she moved back to the USA and obtained a Master’s in Intercultural Communication. Based on her research, she wrote a book entitled: French and American Perceptions of Arrogance in the Other, which focuses on how to better work in international organizations and get one’s message across by taking into account the cultural filters of the listener. She has taught at several French universities including; HEC and Ecole Polytechnique.

Natalie designs and developes highly regarded training sessions such as:


Participant Profiles

Participants with many different learning styles and needs in her sessions have included:

Natalie combines her skills acquired through English coaching, business communications and cultural understanding to deliver training sessions which are tailor made to the needs and objectives of clients and participants.

Natalie is president and co-founder of MOZAÏQ, an association dedicated to celebrating cultural diversity and inclusion on a local level. With her multicultural team, she organizes events including an annual Diversity Day which attracts 500-700 participants each year. This initiative seeks to foster tolerance through music, dance and storytelling in a small French town outside of Paris.

French and American Perceptions of Arrogance in the Other: A comparison of French and American values and implicit norms Paperback by Natalie Lutz (Author) €25,00

French and American Perceptions of Arrogance in the Other

We've heard it over and over as fingers point across the Atlantic: THEY are so arrogant! When the topic comes up in intercultural trainings, people from other countries usually laugh and say: Both French and Americans are arrogant! What's there to talk about? Beyond a fun but ultimately sterile debate over who is the most arrogant, perceptions of arrogance can be a window into the different ways we interpret behavior through the filter of our own cultural values and illustrative of how other cultures value humility.

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